Road Trip to Oregon for a special day!

If anyone knows anything about me, one of my passions of life is Travel of any sorts mainly road trips.  I believe the trials of a road trip create stories to tell compared to checking my bag and sitting between two people on a plane with the feeling of your bubble being invaded  to get from point A to point B.  unless its a international flight then of course but I wouldn’t mind taking a cruise instead international to create more of an experience.. What do you think?

Well I have to say driving from Las Vegas,NV to just outside of Portland, OR was one heck of a 22hr drive! Knowing me I think i could bust it out in one day, really Im a young guy and I have and still pull some all niter’s ;) …. yeah nope didn’t happen.  Getting lost in the dark forest of who knows where and lost G.P.S connection not in the plan. What I did find was the worrying of being parked on the side of the road in the middle of the night right past the northern border of California from Nevada. If you don’t know the area. Its Dam (sorry) cold  high up in the elevation I don’t care what time of the year it was. I did have a passenger my good trustworthy dog Clover. With hes guard mode activated in the car parked in the dark on the side of a back country road, he was having a hay day of fun barking at anything that moved or made a sound in the forest (No sleep for me) Granted a car would pass by once every 10-20 mins anyways .

Clover with Mt. Shasta

I woke up early, not that I had a choice, but going to sleep in the complete an utter darkness to awake to the view I had it made the long night worth it. Bright green hilltop of over grown forest with a open clearing over seeing a great view of somewhere a nice way to wake up.  The traffic extremely picked up and I immediately started the car and got moving with fear of a highway patrol officer giving me a citation for whatever reason.  Along the way to my destination now full steam after a gallon of coffee that I had consumed at the nearest and first gas station that came across anxious to be at my Sister’s house ASAP  knowing I was going to CRASH HARD as soon as I saw a couch haha well ….I got side tracked by some side road signs of hiking trails.. You don’t have to ask me twice. I was somewhere by Mt. Shasta and my dog and I went for a quick one hour hike it was more of a nature enjoy the scene walk and views. OK, back on the road  my phone starts blowing up with all the family wondering where I’m at.. I was only a few miles away from my sister house with no G.P.S. again ( I tell you technology sometimes) they had to come find me at a gas station only 5mis away from home, oh come on! haha.

I made it! and right into the festivities of celebration right after a quick power nap.  My brothers were not having it, granted I’m the oldest an they are still in party age all the time. I don’t think I could even put up a fight at moment. Hot/Cold Shower time to go join the fun, thinking its the bachelor party time for my soon to be brother-in-law.   It ended up with me in the kitchen cooking and just catching up with family I have not seen in years. Moe, Larry and Curly( The Three Stooges) is what it seemed like haha

Oh wait I didn’t tell you I was on my way to my little sisters wedding! After months of orchestrating the details with her as I really wanted to be able to contribute.  We spent the next day setting up the best venue I have ever seen. Keep in mind I’m a country boy at heart. It was at my brother-in-law’s grandparents property truly a great location just made for the perfect occasion.  The wedding went off without a hitch then the reception went to way late hours of the night, of fun conversation,dancing, a lot of picture taking,  drinking … well finishing of the 4 or 5 cases of champagne I brought from Las Vegas with me :) I had to do bottle service for everyone.. Bring a little of the city life to the country you know what I mean!  …. all to end at a good’ol tailgate after party in the extensive long dirt driveway with loud music and a couple of nice toasty fires ah burning and let wedding crashers join in looking for some companion ship for when it comes to a end.. I do have to say watching a family member or two really try to put the move on had me rolling on the ground laughing. The memories. what a amazing time that was! thank you Sis for allowing me to be apart of helping with your big day!

IMG612 (2)

 Love you

your big brother,




Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Have A Great Weekend,

Create memories 

to last a lifetime!


Going to Las Vegas….

I have moved to Las Vegas about five years ago New Years Eve, I arrived around 11pm with a hour to spare to bring in the New Year. As soon as I go settled in can you guess where the first place I went?

For the people that don’t know about Las Vegas it has miles of dedicated 24/7 lifestyle of entertainment, sight seeing of extraordinary replica hotel/casinos of amazing architectural feats from around the world, Luxor, Paris, Bellagio, Venetian and more. To add to it the lounge’s, bars, day/night clubs, shows, hidden local gems are more than enough to suffice ones needs to all extent. Out side of that there is outdoor side of Vegas as well, hot springs, lake Mead, Hover Dam, Red Rock mountain( rock climbing is out of this world) then only hours from the east coast beaches, Lake Tahoe, Utah, then plenty of lakes in Arizona.

When I was on my way out while the new year was inching closer I scrambled to find my best dress shirt got suited to boot and very anxiously hustled my way down to the Las Vegas Blvd. aks the strip. Not knowing what to do I acted like every other tourist I busted out my camera and started taking pictures of everything haha while trying to hold onto my drink. It didn’t take long at all to find a group of people to hangout with. They just happened to be locals, Perfect! Next thing I was at the front of the line at Hyde Nightclub at the Bellagio in direct sight of the Bellagio fountains all in a matter of minutes from New Years. All I have to really say from that point for the next few hours was surreal, not needing to go into every detail of that night. Luckily to wake up with out a hangover nor any bad memories.

 I will just let your mind wonder wherever it takes you  on that one.


From there I experienced what I like to call it “The Vegas Fever” the next three or so months consisted with going out practically every night to the strip with a new girlfriend that I met at Chinese buffet, long story short we were together and now were not. None the less it was great those first months until my body went in shock and overall complete sleep deprivation haha,

I found a job very quick and got back to life as normal, so now five + years later I still love the city though I only go to the strip for special occasions as if a friend or family member are in town or to celebrate a mile stone in ones life.   Nearly just living my life to my own means as I please, that is what we all want to do anyways right? please answer that question.

Over all living in Vegas experience from putting into account of all of the other places I have lived throughout the U.S. their is no other like Las Vegas. I mean who can order sushi at 3am and have it delivered to your doorsteps haha . Here their is bad areas and bad areas like any other place in the world. I happen to be fortunate to live higher up in the valley close to Red Rock. In a open clearing I have spectacular views of the valley of Las Vegas, Strip(great for watching fireworks :) and Red Rock.  All due to really just putting a plan into action and not giving up on my idea, goals and dreams.  Here’s another picture from close by home at one of my regular spots at the golf course.

IMG524 (2)

  If your ever in town stop by and say “Hi” or even if you want to learn a simply skill set that will show you how to live my/Your laptop lifestyle and do what you please and not do your daily chores feel free to contact me anytime..

Life is good till next time,


Your Thoughts?

monkey thinking



Not because you think you know everything without questioning,

but rather because you question everything you think you know.

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The wealthiest place in the world is the Graveyard. the knowledge and all their ideas are buried .

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“the difference between the two sets of people comes

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Start and End

Martin Luther King Jr.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t run, then crawl, but whatever you do you have to  keep moving forward” keep_moving_forward  

Albert Einstein 

10. Amazing …

10-amazing-life-lessons-you-can-learn-from-Albert-Einstein -Jim Rohn

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” jimrohnmotivationalquote

There’s a date that your born and their is a date that we die, it’s what we inspire are selves in between that counts. I plan on taking advantage of that time.

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Live it, Dream it.



My thoughts for today being this in mind the moment when  I woke up, Live my AWOL! Don’t hold back and take ACTION to make this my perfect day! Its only a matter of time till I’m cruising the beaches of the world again! 

Inspiration  being my friends I have made around the world telling me their stories an how they live there AWOL.  Chances that some of you that read this don’t care so much about taking action to live your life by your design, then their is some of you that want to make a change an..

live this laptop lifestyle traveling or doing what your most passionate about on a daily basis… Right now I’m kicking it by the pool  enjoying the warm sun, good company and most of all my dog  Clover haha :) “yes I’m taking a break from the fun because I felt the need to share this, this very moment” ONCE again I ask what are you doing with your life are you living it the way you so dreamed of.. Follow this notion an Take to the limits and prove that anything is possible!  Once you wrap your head around it, its easy and anyone can do it!  

I’ve been in the restaurant  business all of my life working a very position they had to offer..  I’m not a computer techie at all and I’ve proved that I can do this with the amazing community of friends and support of my fellow Awoler’s step by step.  The best $20 I have ever spent to start my life they way I wanted too!  Lets do this together right now….Click here and enter your email for more info


P.S. BBQing and typing right now harder than I thought haha :)